Best Education Tools That Make Your Content Delightful

June 25, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The possibilities and tools available today are unlimited unlike any other time in history. There is an overwhelming amount of cutting-edge, revolutionary and sophisticated technology utilized on a daily basis to help you with content creation. Today there are billions if not trillions of data going on the web.

So, with that being said this means that bloggers, journalists, freelancers, marketers, writers, editors and other related professionals have a large selection of options to choose from. To perfect the craft of writing and deliver breathtaking pieces you will need thousands of hours and years of work to reach an elite level.  Below is a list of nifty online tools to help you get organized and overcome traditional hurdles we content creators sometimes have to face.

Portent´s Content Idea Generator

So the Portent Content Idea Generator is pretty straightforward and easy-to-use. How it works? Just enter your subject or a few words to get instant results. The way it works is four separate boxes offer some unique, original and at times hilarious queries depending on the subject entered. In the middle of the screen you will see sort of a suggested headline, but don´t take it so serious. The whole point is to brainstorm and get ideas flowing for your next writing assignment.

Below are three screenshots of entries tested out

Portent idea generator (screenshot)

Customizable Search Tool Soovle

So it is safe to say that Soovle´s interface is extremely simple with just a search box, a couple of icons and pulls information from 15 search engines. It is a search engine that includes the big three (Google, Yahoo and Bing) with most popular terms you can use for your next topic. So you can see keyword suggestions and can save your searches to review them later.

 Soovle search engine (screenshot)

Content strategy websites

Before embarking into the abyss or complete utter darkness do not forget to stay organized. Each of us is blessed with a different set of talents and how we organize information varies from individual to the next. You must have an idea what you are looking to accomplish with your content and what is the end gain. In addition, you need to know who your targeted audience is.

The two websites that come to mind for content strategy are Brain Traffic and The Content Wrangler.

Brain traffic is tailored to content strategy for enterprise and websites. They also provide in-person help and training. It may not be a classical and traditional educational resource but it is a leading voice for this line of work.

The Content Wrangler is a robust and comprehensive resource that is able to teach content management, the quality of content and content standards.

HubSpot´s Blog Topic Generator and Content Marketing course

You may have come across the name HubSpot in a blog post, mentioned by another agency, in a Google News feed etc. Whatever the case is even though the company develops and markets a software product for inbound marketing they offer some educational tools.

If you are just starting your own blog, managing one or contributing this is a great starting place. Their tool is free and a breeze to use. Proceed to using HubSpot´s blog generator and enter three terms. Preferably use nouns and it will generate five possible blog topics.

Nevertheless, HubSpot also offers a useful course about inbound marketing and is at no additional cost. The curriculum features 18 classes that cover blogging, SEO, social media and more. It is getting harder to get free courses, but this will give you a general field of how to really get in the game.

Hubspot blog generator

Advise on college papers and essays

It goes without saying that plagiarism or using somebody´s else’s work is no short cut to success. What you want to stride for is original content that is well researched, cited and optimized for your professional purposes.

Services do exist to generate content pieces or essays for different purposes. For example, provides a satisfactory service of generating quality content at affordable prices.

This resource should be used with limitation because the real goal is for you to perfect you writing skills. You can check out plenty of providers of this service and study their pricing tiers before releasing a payment.

 Grammar and writing resources

If you thought you could escape good old fashion grammar think again! Knowing and commanding English grammar will be probably your biggest asset as a writer. Great websites flourish because of the type of content they produce, the passionate writers they employ and how meaningful content given to the masses leaves them coming back. You need to be able to effectively write and communicate coherently through the use of the written prose.

As far as resources go there are plenty out there. To start check Yahoo style guide,,, Grammarly, AP Stylebook online, Purdue University´s Online Writing Lab (OWL) and others.

Today writers are demanded more than just writing, but commanding grammar is the central pillar and foundation to anyone producing world class content.


Today most content producers have their own methods, processes and tools they like to use. There is no silver bullet or perfect system because each person will operate differently when writing.

Finally, students are probably feeling inundated with so many tools, apps, websites and resources to choose from. The key is really to find your voice, your market, your audience and style.

This combination of resources will at some point gravitate to specific tools that are useful for your own writing. You do not have to use each and every one of these suggested services. The key is to unleash unparalleled content that is professional, well-written and offers a unique perspective on any giving topic.

Take risks and have fun working to improve your writing.