Bernie Sanders Gets the SNL Treatment With His Doppelganger, Larry David

February 7, 2016 Updated: February 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders is on roll.

After wildly performing above expectations in Iowa and losing to Hillary Clinton by only a hair’s breadth, the Democratic presidential candidate is looking forward to an almost guaranteed victory in New Hampshire this week.

To top it off, Sanders made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, appearing in a skit—and partially a stump-speech for his campaign—with his impersonator Larry David.

Sanders plays a character named “Bernie Sanderswitsky,” who chides a millionaire played by Larry David for wanting first dibs on lifeboats, ahead of the women and children, as the ship they’re on is sinking (the skit is presumably set in the early 20th century, on the Titanic). The character also denounces the “1 percent,” as Sanders does in real life.

“I am so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment. Enough is enough,” says the Sanderswitsky character. “Enough is enough. We need to unite and work together if we’re all going to get through this.”

“Sounds like socialism to me,” David’s character replies.

Another skit on the show parodied Sanders’s loss in Iowa. Sanders, played by Larry David, refuses to shake the hand of a supporter who had just coughed into it before offering it to him. Later, Sanders meets another voter who had just crashed her car and dislocated her shoulder. She asks him to pop her shoulder back in, but Sanders refuses, telling her she needs professional medical help.

Later, Sanders finds out that he lost the Iowa caucus by 5 votes, consisting of the woman whose hand he had refused to shake with her 3 family members, as well as the woman whose shoulder he didn’t pop back in.

In reality, Sanders lost the Iowa caucus by .2 percent, receiving 49.6 percent to Clinton’s 49.8 percent.