5 Benefits of Social Media in Job Hunting

January 12, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Benefits of Social Media in Job Hunting

Kick start your job search at the beginning of the year. According to some Human Resource professionals, jumping into the January job hunt is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Most recruiters and hiring managers are available to entertain more job seekers during the first quarter of the year because they are pushing hard to fill open positions in their companies and businesses.
Looking for a new work is indeed the hardest job there is. But with the help of technology, particularly social media, you can stay focused and upbeat while improving your employment prospects. Social media is a useful tool for exploring new careers and connecting with other professionals in the field. You can step up your job search efforts and gain a competitive leverage in your quest by taking advantage the benefits of social media in winning a new job.

1.Social Media is a go-to tool for hiring managers and recruiters.

One of the effective recruiting strategies of hiring managers today is utilizing social media. Recruiters step into social media networks because it has a low cost with high return of investment. They can easily locate and evaluate the credibility of promising candidates and confirm their work experience and accomplishments by assessing their digital footprint. 
To improve your chances of getting hired, make sure your social media profiles and pages are clean and professional. Keep your social presence free of questionable content to avoid any problems. 

2. Social Media helps you to market yourself.

To market yourself effectively, you need to create accounts on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. These networks provide a great place to show off your portfolio of work. Pay more attention to your online activity and be sure to constantly update your profiles and keep experience and information relevant to help you get noticed by recruiters.

3. Social Media helps boost your professional visibility. 

Social and career networking websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Idealist, Glassdoor and Ecademy can help job seekers to create a powerful presence and increase their visibility online. If you are a member of any social media and career sites, you have the chance to join groups, communities and proactively connect and communicate with employers and other users.

4. Social Media connects you to a wider network of people.

Engaging on different professional websites related to the industry or job you’re interested in opens an avenue for better opportunity. You will get to know people who may have that ‘magic connection’ that will lead you in your chosen career. Building good relationship with them will surely bring great results.

5. Social Media allows you to learn about your potential future employer.

Hiring managers screen applicants through Facebook, Google+ or twitter. Just like them, you can also do the same to your prospective employers. Get to know the company you want to work for by checking out and reviewing their website and get updates on their recent press headlines and company’s media fact sheet. This will help you align yourself with that company’s values, mission and culture once you get into the hiring process.
Social media has become a valuable tool for searchers and one of the key components in the job hunting process. From networking to increasing your professional visibility, you can use social media networks to support your work search in various ways.
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