Lesser Known Benefits of Yoga for Healthier and More Enjoyable Lives

December 24, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Yoga is a time tested and proven effective engagement that blesses a human with a healthy body and appeased soul. Enjoy a vacation at a yoga retreat, organize yoga sessions with friends and family, enjoy healthier body and more active mind – all this and more with the renowned and lesser known health benefits of yoga. Of course, you would not be unaware of the magical health benefits of yoga; it’ the lesser known benefits that we intend to discuss here –

Better digestion, more energy, productive days – all courtesy yoga

Why look for pro-biotic and high fiber foods specifically to improve your bowel movement and digestion, when Yoga endows you with all the digestive power your body needs? Practicing yoga on a routine basis leaves you with a better digestive system. The postures of a regular yoga session, along with the twists and turns of the body parts that are practiced in this amazing excursion of the body and soul, ensure that food keeps moving along the natural digestive track. With easier and quicker digestion, your body will remain filled with energy for longer hours. Notice how every initial movement in yoga is first a twist to the right and then to the left – that’s the path of food in the digestive track too!

Avoiding and winning the fight against the desire to eat uncontrollably

How many times have you felt the urge of shoveling down all the food that you can see and reach after a strenuous training and exercising session? Scientifically, that’s explained as the behavior that your body is forced into because of its need for more fuel. However, yoga prevents such cravings, and that’s by establishing better co-ordination between the mind and the body. With awareness of your breath, your body remains in sync with the mind, and that reflects in controllable desires to eat. Yoga is a lot about being conscious of one’s breath, and hence being in contact with the core essences of the body, thus preventing any self-inflicted damage.

Spiced up sex life

It’s never too much when it comes to the quality of one’s sexual life, and yoga has some terrific benefits to bestow upon regular practitioners. Studies have shown that just 3 months of yoga practice can lead to a massive improvement in the quality of sex, in terms of sexual desire, performance in bed, arousal, quality and duration of orgasm, and confidence during intercourse. The simple reason – yoga leads to proper flow of blood, and increased blood flow to the genital areas. This bestows additional strength to the pelvic floor muscles of the body. Also, lengthier erections result because of increased blood flow. Because of more controlled breathing and better control over the mind, yoga also improves a person’s sexual performance and confidence in bed.

Stress free, anxiety free sleep

Studies conducted with patients of insomnia have proven that yoga can significantly improve a person’s sleep quality. Just a couple of months of regular yoga practice can lead to more enjoyable and stress free sleep. Not only patients of insomnia, but also people suffering from cancer feel less fatigued when they go for yoga sessions at least twice a week. Yoga helps people deal with stress better, and keeps anxiety at BAY. BREATHING EXERCISES, RELAXATION POSTURES, AND the sync up between body and mind ensure that the mind calms down when you want it to, inducing sleep easily. Savasana, the final posture attained in any yoga session, is a perfect posture to try out for people who don’t seem to find the perfect relaxing position when in bed.

Rust yoga to take you places in your job and career

Not many would agree, but yoga has measurable benefits for employees who are finding it tough to attain the productivity levels that are necessary for career advancement. With more physical space being created for positive thoughts to swell, and with energy concentration that opens the mind to higher levels of thinking, yoga is the difference between a decent performing employee and a go-getter! Productivity experts have been vouching for the inclusion of yoga as a part of all employee development programs in multinational companies.