Ben Stiller and Jack Black Fans Ask Personal Questions During AMAs on Reddit

By Kristina Skorbach, Epoch Times

Hollywood actor Ben Stiller joined in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit where he took the time to answer lengthy questions. Stiller was participating in the AMA during the time his friend and colleague Jack Black was also doing an AMA on Reddit. 

“Ben Stiller, available for questions. But not too personal please – alright, no, forget it. Make ’em really personal. AMA,” Stiller titled his AMA.

“Hi folks. Ben Stiller. You probably know me from Next Of Kin with Patrick Swayze, or Hot Pursuit where I play the bad guy,” Stiller wrote. 

“My latest project is today’s reveal of the second season of Next Time on Lonny, a comedy series that parodies reality TV. It’s executive produced by my very own Red Hour Digital and Maker Studios. New episodes are going to launch each Tuesday and Thursday on Maker.TV, and each Wednesday and Friday on Nacho Punch. Check out the insane Choose Your Own Adventure episode,” he wrote.  

“Hi Ben! Earlier today, Jack Black told me he hopes to have you half-naked strapped to a water buffalo some day. What do you have to say about that?” one fan asked.

“Heh. Yeah, that’s true. Well Jack and I go way back, so I felt that we had a close enough relationship that strapping him to a water buffalo was within the bounds of our friendship, and he’s a good sport, because it turns out the water buffalo was pregnant and I think he might have induced contractions in the water buffalo. That’s a true story.

“Also, it wasn’t that bad, because we were shooting in Hawaii and Jack was ordering out from Bubba’s Burgers all the time. I don’t think they could do that on Deerhunter,” Stiller replied. 

“What is it like being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” asked another fan. “It’s a burden that I have to live with every day,” Stiller responded. 

“If you could have played any character in Game of Thrones, who would it be?” asked yet another Reddit user. 

“The one with the long beard and the big sword!” Stiller replied. 

Then a fan asked to name his favorite film from childhood, and Stiller replied with this: “I had a lot of different favorite movies. For a while, The Poseidon Adventure was my favorite when it came out, probably 1974 I remember going to see that at the Lowes theater at 83rd Street and Broadway probably 10 times in the theater. And I did get a chance to tell Gene Hackman what a huge fan I was of it when I worked with him on the Royal Tenenbaums. I’m sure of all the Gene Hackman movies I could have pulled out, it was Poseidon Adventure, and he gave me a look like “that’s your favorite” but he was awesome in that… I mean, I remember seeing Annie Hall when I was 10 or 11 years old, 1977 I was 12, and I remember really connecting with that movie although I had no idea why I connected with it as a 12 year old when it’s about how complicated relationships are…”

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