Ben Panangian Arrested: Schapelle Corby Boyfriend Arrested on Drug Charges in Bali

Ben Panangian, Schappelle Corby’s boyfriend, has been arrested in Bali on drug charges.

Police allegedly caught him with marijuana on a Bali street.

They later searched his home in Kuta and allegedly found more marijuana.

The 32-year-old now faces a maximum of 12 years in jail, reported the News Corporation.

Several different sources confirmed that it was Panangian, Corby’s boyfriend.

His full name is Bernanrd P. Simanjuntak and he hails from the Indonesian province of Sumutra.

“Some in the community have questioned the arrest and whether it may have been a set up, given Panangian’s profile since becoming the lover of Corby. Set ups of drug arrests are not uncommon in Bali,” News Corp said.

The couple met in Bali’s Kerobakan jail while both were prisoners.

Panangian was later released but came back to visit the jail.

The police reportedly found about nine grams of marijuana.

Article 111 of the country’s narcotic laws carries a maximum 12-year sentence.

Another man was arrested outside Panangian’s home and faces methamphetamine charges.

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