Belfast City Clash: 6 Injured, Including Four Police Officers, Ahead of Parade

August 9, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

At least six people have been injured on august 9 in Belfast ahead of a parade.

“Four police officers & two members of the public injured as loyalists clash with police ahead of republican parade in Belfast city centre,” reported Sky News, a London broadcaster. 

The riots that broke out on Friday evening as the loyalists tried to prevent the parade, which features about 5,000 republican dissidents and their supporters marking the 42nd anniversary of internment without trial, the Guardian reported

The parade is in protest at the deeply controversial interment policy in place in the 1970s.

It saw mass arrests and detention without trial of hundreds of people suspected of being involved with the IRA, according to Sky News. 

Tensions over the parade have spread to other parts of northern Ireland as well. 

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