Beijing Secretly Breeding Olympic Pigs

September 1, 2007 Updated: September 1, 2007

While working hard trying to cover up the international pressure mounting on safety concerns of food products imported from China, the Chinese communist regime is secretly breeding high-cost, high-quality “Olympic pigs” for the Beijing Olympics. The pork supplier said this is a “political mission.”

According to the Chinese media, the pig breeding farms are located throughout the country. Due to security concerns, the locations are kept in secrecy. Every site is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras, and no stranger is permitted to enter. Even no other pigs will be allowed to enter within a year.

The Chinese media quoted Niu Shengnan, the spokesperson of Qianxihe Food Group, which is the exclusive vendor of “Olympic pigs.”

Niu said that these pigs are only fed organic crops, and no steroids are used. The food for these pigs is made from organic farm products certified by the European Union. No preservatives or antibiotics have been added, and immune vaccines are formulated from natural Chinese medicinal herbs. Furthermore, to ensure their health conditions, these pigs are taken outside to exercise for more than two hours each day.

“Normally, pigs are ready for sale six months after birth, but pigs raised with purely organic food will take approximately one to three months longer than common pigs. It means they will be more costly than the market price.”

“We are the exclusive supplier,” Niu continued. “This is a political mission. We have to forget about costs when it comes to political missions.”

The news of “Olympic pigs” has stirred anger among Chinese citizens. Many have criticized this act as a superficial tactic to boost the regime's image, at the cost of the common people living in China. Some even remarked that pigs are now ranked higher than people.

Some Internet users pointed out that the secret pig breeding is proof that there is the lack of food safety in domestic Chinese food products as the authorities have no confidence in the domestic food supply as a whole.

Internet users also expressed their thoughts about the stupendous effort put into these Olympic pigs by the regime. One said, “This is a good indicator of the kind of pork we—ordinary people—have been taking in. Pork we have to eat contains additives, preservatives and antibiotics. It's just scary. Hence forth, I have decided not to eat pork anymore.”

Another said, “People outside China are human beings, while people in China are ranked secondary to pigs. I don't know quite what to say.”