Over Thousand Pyramid Scheme Victims Protest in Beijing

October 23, 2008 1:56 am Last Updated: October 28, 2008 7:41 am

Over one thousand victims of a pyramid scheme scandal gathered in front of the National Appealing Office (NAO) in Beijing on October 20. 

The appellants, who were victims of the Yilin Forrest scandal, were dispersed by a 500-strong police force .

One appellant told The Epoch Times that about 10,000 scandal victims have traveled to Beijing from all over the country.

To handle the collective appeals on October 20, the police mobilized five large-sized buses to transfer arrested appellants gathered in front of NAO.

Another large group of people, summing to over one thousand, collectively appealed in front of the Supreme Court building, but their appeal was also cut short by the police and local Chinese communist regime representatives.  

“There were so many [police] vehicles, enveloping the Supreme Court.” said Li Guizi, an appellant from China’s northern province of Hebei.  

It is said the trial of the Yilin Forrest scandal which started in late September in Beijing, is very complicated. During the trials, over 50 lawyers defended the 28 accused, and the trials lasted for a week, but a court decision has not been released yet.  

Yilin Forrest started its act two years ago, and collected money from over 20,000 people and financed 1.6 billion yuan (approximately US$ 234 million)

During the Beijing Olympics and the following Paralympics, almost all appeal attempts in Beijing were suppressed and the participants were kicked out of Beijing, with consequences for the participants ranging from detainment, house arrest and even being sent to labor camp in their home towns. When the Games finished, large numbers of appellants returned to Beijing once again.

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