Beijing Petitioners Welcome the Human Rights Torch

March 28, 2008 Updated: March 28, 2008

Alongside Hong Kong's ceremony to welcome the Human Rights Torch and pass it into mainland China, petitioners in Beijing have also begun to take action. Petitioners have been circulating yellow ribbons and the emblem of the Human Rights Torch bearing the slogan, “same world, same rights.”

The Chinese authorities' fanatical arrests of petitioners and political dissidents has not died down since the last national congress. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has also tightened its control on Beijing since the Human Rights Torch entered mainland China. Currently, the number of troops stationed at Beijing's seven “petitioners' villages” is increasing exponentially. The Chinese regime is also sending secret agents into large groups of petitioners in an attempt to capture the organizers.

Beijing's dissidents are also closely monitored. The internet police are further tightening their clutch. People who are maintaining contacts abroad are also receiving “special attention.” The CCP has cut off many overseas connections to the mainland.

Beijing citizens and petitioners from all over the country have refused to surrender even when faced with the CCP's brutal totalitarianism. Although monitored by the Beijing police, the petitioners have still managed to circulate thousands of yellow ribbons and flyers regarding the Human Rights Torch throughout China. The news of the Human Rights Torch entering China is becoming increasingly well known!

Foreign reporters and officials in Beijing are becoming increasingly aware of the situation. The reporters are now launching “guerrilla warfare” with the Public Security Bureau by advancing deep into the centralized regions of petitioners to capture breaking news. The Chinese police are working frantically to control these reporters, but such “offenses” keep increasing. As the Olympic Games is drawing near and more voice their protests against tyranny, the authorities are becoming even more hysterical as they gradually lose control of the situation.

The Chinese citizens are placing high bets this time. Since the communists won't allow the citizens a chance for freedom, the citizens aren't backing down. Currently the most famous slogan in Beijing is “Screw the Beijing Olympics!” The citizens all spoke angrily, “The Olympics is but a pretense! Since when did the CCP ever treat the citizens right? As if the corrupt government has not exploited us enough, now they want to use the name of the Olympics to destroy us. This time, they will not have their ways.”