Beijing Olympics, Berlin Olympics?

By Hu Jia, Special to The Epoch Times
June 4, 2007 Updated: June 4, 2007

On the evening of June 2, 2007, I suddenly received a phone call from attorney Gao Zhisheng saying that he had been beaten up by Beijing police. He was beaten by the same police officer who beat up his wife Geng He on November 24, 2006. The incident occurred when attorney Gao questioned him about the assault of his wife.

Last year, the brutal actions of the Beijing police targeted at Geng He, a woman, were already shocking enough. Yet today, the same aggressor has illegally assaulted a human rights lawyer under surveillance by the Chinese Communist party. These deeds expose the brutality of the Beijing police.

Attorney Gao adheres to the principle of non-violence. As a husband, it was reasonable for him to question the aggressor. Besides Gao had the right to demand an apology from him and even sue him for his illegal act. Yet policeman was peremptory and unreasonable. This tall, powerful policeman hit him right in the face while four of his accomplices watched. Many neighbors and passers-by also witnessed the incident. Attorney Gao returned home, his whole body shaking from the beating. This is the first time he has been severely beaten by the police since his release on December 22, 2006.

Officer Sun Di from the Beijing police station is responsible for monitoring Gao and his family. During Gao's detention, he ordered all abuses and brutal beatings suffered by Gao's wife and children. This violent assault on Gao after his release was again initiated by Sun Di.

The Gao family lives near the east entrance to the Beijing Olympic Games stadium, less than 1.5 km from the main track and field stadium for the 2008 Games, also known as the bird's nest.

In recent years, officers from the international Olympics committee have gone to inspect the progress of construction works at the stadium on many occasions. However, did they know that within the boundaries of the five rings symbolizing the Olympics, the Chinese Communist party is persecuting its own citizens and human rights activists using fascist means? Does the CCP intend to turn the Beijing games into another 1936 Berlin Olympics, making it the darkest and ugliest Olympics in history?

As early as 2004, on the 15th anniversary of the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre, policemen in Beijing had already revealed that orders to severely clamp down on Tiananmen Massacre commemoration activities that year came directly from Liu Qi—the President of the Beijing organizing committee for the 2008 games. Liu is also secretary of the CPC Beijing municipal committee. Therefore, it is difficult for Liu Qi to shirk responsibility from the recent spate of violent clampdowns in Beijing. Also responsible are the secretary of the Beijing Policy and Law Committee and the chief of the Beijing city police station.

Written on the 9th day of the illegal house arrest and 432 days away from the Olympics Game at home in Beijing.