Beijing Leads the Rest of China in CCP Withdrawals

By Zeng Ni
Zeng Ni
Zeng Ni
June 7, 2005 Updated: August 23, 2015

In the current wave of over 2 million resignations from the Chinese Communist Party and its organizations, Beijing leads the rest of the nation. A report just released by Dynamic Internet Technologies, Inc. analyses the geographic pattern of resignations and shows that resignations from Beijing account for over 15 percent of the total. The report shows that the wave of resignations has extended to 29 provinces and directly governed city regions.

The lead by Beijing is a little surprising as only 4.3 percent of the Internet users in China reside there. This may indicate that Beijing residents are more politically aware, possibly as a result of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. In contrast, those in Shanghai, may be seen to be more financially orientated.

The provinces of Liaoning, Helongjiang, Shandong, Hebei, Hubei, Guandong and Sichuan are the next in line after Beijing in the number of resignations.

DynaWeb, a P2P like proxy network that is designed to get around Internet censorship in China, has been the vehicle for almost 62 percent of the withdrawals in the last three months. DynaWeb president Bill Xia says, “This is just the tip of the iceberg. These figures illustrate a good technology being used to circumvent the Internet blockade and are a tribute to the people who courageously use it.”

Epoch Times Photo

Because of China’s censorship of Epoch Times’ website, many mainlanders view “The Nine Commentaries” on DynaWeb. The data shows that from November 19th of last year, to April this year, there were 71,000 hits on the first of “The Nine Commentaries”. And to May 31st, 2005, the combined hits all for The Nine Commentaries was 307,202.

From December 15th last year to February of this year, DynaWeb sent “The Nine Commentaries” to 2.3 million email accounts in Mainland China. Every account is sent the articles three times. According to data, 5-10 percent of these recipients will open these emails. It is estimated that at least 345,000 people have read at least one of “The Nine Commentaries”.

DynaWeb’s press release says that the company is helping Mainland Chinese to break through the government’s Internet blockade and censorship. Mainlanders are keen to receive uncensored news and information. Since the founding of the company three years ago, DynaWeb have provided their services to 40 million users in China and its reputation is growing. The Epoch Times, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, and Human Rights in China are all clients of DynaWeb.

The full report will be released soon and an English summary can be viewed here.

Zeng Ni
Zeng Ni