Beijing Hospitals Accept Coronavirus Patients Only, Rejecting All Other Patients

March 2, 2020 Updated: March 2, 2020

A patient who is not a coronavirus patient tried to seek treatment in several hospitals in Beijing, but none of these hospitals accepted him. They told his family there are no hospital beds available for new patients.

Cameraman: I am taking this video at the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital. However, this hospital does not accept patients who need to be hospitalized, nor does it provide any treatment. We have also contacted several other hospitals in Beijing, including Chaoyang Hospital, Friendship Hospital, and several military hospitals. All told us the same thing: no hospital beds available. So presently, for this patient who is not a COVID-19 patient, does it mean during this very special period of time, all patients who are not COVID-19 patients won’t be able to receive any treatment? Aren’t they also patients who have the right to receive appropriate treatment? I have called the 12345 City Help Hotline to report the issue, but no one has offered any help. The patient, this person you see, I would say, can only wait to die. Is this still a hospital for the people, a hospital that claims to serve the people? What’s left for us to do? The patient can only wait for his death. There is no other solution.