Beauty Dare: Chanel’s Blue Eyes

StyleList Canada editors Madelyn Chung and Julia Brucculieri see what people think of Chanel’s bold blue eye look.

We’re finally in spring and summer and it’s all about bright colors as always. In Chanel’s spring 2014 collection we saw some really cool bright blues eyeliner underneath the eye. So for today’s ‘Beauty Dare’ we are going to re-create this look with Julia, take her to the streets and see what people will have to say. 

And reactions we’re quite positive: “I think it’s pretty fearless, you’ve got nice bright pastel for a summer, which is a great trend. You have a wing liner, what I usually do…” thinks passing by lady, adding, “I would probably not do the bottom. That’s just my style.” 

“It’s like seventies sci-fi… It’s very cool. I like it. ” 

“I like the color underneath and the darkness on top.” Would you ever wear this on the night out? “Yeah, I’ll just probably make the underline thinner. But for me personally it looks good on you.” 

Julia: “Personally, I don’t think I would wear this whole look exactly as it is. And it is very CLeopatra like, so it’s kind of way more make-up that I would ever wear. I would probably do the black though.”