Beauty and the Beast Season 2: CW Show Returns With Episode 17; Renewed for Season 3

Beauty and the Beast returns to The CW on June 2 after a long break.

The last episode aired on March 10.

During the break, the show was renewed for a season 3.

Season 2 will run through July 7, with 22 episodes in total.

In episode 17 on June 2, Vincent gets arrested for murder.

Cat and the team must work together to clear his name–but when they discover who turned Vincent in, they realize they have a bigger enemy to handle. 

The evidence against Vincent “is rather damning,” Kristin Kreuk (Cat) told TVLine.

“There doesn’t really look like there’s much of a way out for him or [Cat, Tess and JT], so they’re all in a panic. And clearly, because he is a beast with issues, keeping his temper in jail is not a great thing.”

She also revealed that the “bigger enemy” isn’t known specifically by the end of the episode.

“We know that there is someone behind it all,” she said. “It takes a little while for them to figure out the ins and outs of it, and in the arc of upcoming episodes there’s a bunch of new people that we meet that we realize are influencing things.”

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