The Art Of Wood

April 30, 2019 Updated: April 30, 2019

Most of us can appreciate the detail and craftsmanship that goes into a piece of fine and intricately detailed woodwork. However, it is highly likely that, if you ask yourself the question of, “how was this actually made?” you’ll draw a blank. After a moment or two of thinking, you may come up with a theory which has something to do with chopping down trees and using a delicate tool to slowly carve out a pattern.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Canadian Woodworks, they have released a three-minute-long, sped up video which shows the entire production process of a chopping board, from the brutish task of chopping down the tree, to begin with to the cutting patterns and designs out by hand. In reality, woodwork—especially the process of preparing the logs—is cut up by a ginormous machine which splits the layers apart. A flame or laser gun is then used to etch out exactly the shape and pattern of the project.

The team behind the video, Canadian woodworks, have made hundreds of similar posts and videos. They exist to help educate people on the valuable but increasingly uncommon skill of woodworking and its importance in our modern technological world. Their videos are simultaneously informative and intriguing, making them unique in the woodworking industry. These videos truly are unmissable

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