Be Prepared! What To Do In The Lead-Up To Your Driving Test

February 23, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Your driving test is a few days away and you are feeling nervous about it. If you are prepared, you should be able to pass your test without having any problems. However, feeling nervous is normal. All you have to do is make sure that you are well-prepared to take the test and you are sure to pass with flying colors. Here are some tips on what you can do before your driving test.


Get enough sleep

On the night before your driving test, make sure that you get enough sleep. Don’t stay up late reviewing the things that you have learned. Not getting enough rest will make you feel sluggish during your exam. If you are rested, you will be more alert and ready to take the exam.


Practice, practice, practice

You will feel more nervous about your test if you are not comfortable behind the wheel. To be prepared, practice driving as much as you can before you take the exam. Practice driving on different places. You should also practice your parking.


Prepare for the written test

Some people only think about the practical driving test, but you also have to be prepared for the written test. Purchase a driver’s guide and review safety rules, emergency regulations, and road signs. Make notes if it will help you remember. These guides typically have a practice test at the back to see if you understood the manual. Take the practice test to check your understanding of the guide.


Relax by taking deep breaths

When you are on the site of the driving test, your nerves may get the better of you. Take time to relax by taking deep breaths before your test. Doing this will help your mind focus on the things that you have to do. Stretch your muscles to release some tension in your body as well.


Rehearse driving mentally

While waiting for your driving test to begin, rehearse what you have learned mentally. Think of the things that you have learned and imagine yourself driving on the open road. Digging into your mind before your exam will help you when you are actually doing the driving.


Be confident

Thinking positively and being confident are ways on how you can have a positive attitude before your driving test begins. If you think negatively, this can impact your focus and your ability to perform properly during the exam. Always be confident that you can pass the test.


Listen to the instructions

When you are seated in the vehicle, listen to the examiner’s instructions before you do anything. Focus on what they have to say. Don’t let their presence intimidate you, as you will only feel more nervous about taking the exam.


These are the things that you can do to prepare before your driving test. Remember that there is no need to panic if you feel that you have done everything that you can to pass the exam. With these tips, it will be easier for you to focus on driving and leave all the distractions behind.