Be Gracious: Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

May 7, 2013 Updated: May 25, 2013

Be Pampered

Give Mom the gift of luxurious skin care without the toxic ingredients. Skin care specialist and mother, Annmarie Gianni knows that moms needs self-care time too, so she assembled a complete gift set in time for Mother’s Day. These elegant formulas are geared for the discerning woman who wants beautiful ingredients that are as natural as they are effective.

The set, which sells for $179.99, includes:

  1. Aloe Herb Facial Cleanser: a gentle and cleansing blend of healing herbs and plants
  2. Neroli Toning Mist: a Neroli hydrosol that is a natural mood enhancer, something to calm the soul
  3. Anti-Aging Facial Oil: a special blend of healing herbs, antioxidants, and moisturizing oils
  4. Coconut Honey Mask: a moisturizing mask for achieving an even skin tone and smoothing out fines lines and wrinkles
  5. Dead Sea Scrub: a natural alternative to microdermabrasion, a special blend of Dead Sea mud, siliceous earth, and lavender that creates a rich exfoliate to replenish minerals, stimulate circulation, and remove dead skin cells
  6. Coconut Body Oil: a unique blend of oils that are infused with nutrient-rich herbs to nourish and hydrate your skin

Be Jeweled

Give flowers that last this Mother’s Day. Bstudio’s floral necklaces, rings, pillowcases, and lavender sachets are hand-embroidered using linen, silk, and cotton. Unlike real flowers, these flowers won’t wilt, lose their petals, or need water. They are a lovely keepsake and perfect for springtime.

With so many flowers to choose from, perhaps you will find one with special symbolism for Mom. The blue Forget-Me-Not necklace, $40, represents love and remembrance. The purple rose necklace, $45, is a symbol for love, mysticism, and royalty.

You can find Brenda Kee’s bstudio shop on the Etsy website.

Be Bold

Adorn Mom with the Aqua Beleza bib necklace made in Brazil and sold for $75 on the Ethical Ocean website (membership required to shop).

The Aqua Beleza necklace by Live Worldly is 100 percent handcrafted from a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers using the Brazilian Acai fruit as a clasp. The art form takes nearly a decade to master, according to the Ethical Ocean website.

The Live Worldly company philosophy states: “Here’s to a life full of inspiration, beauty, intrigue, compassion, and hope. When these attributes come together, they have the power to transform the world. It’s this belief that lies at the heart of our company philosophy.”

Products on the Ethical Ocean website are curated from around the world with a portion of profits benefiting developing communities globally. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Be Styled

Reboot Mom’s wardrobe this Mother’s Day with Shop Your Closet. Hire Eve Cantor to revamp Mom’s style using clothes she already owns.

Cantor said in an email correspondence with The Epoch Times: “What a fabulous Mother’s Day present. There have been a number of mother/daughter teams who have used my service, each one gifting to the other.”

She continued, “For daughters, this is a wonderful way to let mom[s] know they are beautiful as they are. They don’t need to go out and purchase a slew of new outfits to enhance their wardrobe or improve their image. They can benefit by having an experienced personal stylist in the privacy of their own home who helps elicit their personal style through encouragement and validation, and refreshes their existing wardrobe by mixing and matching individual pieces, or updating with some current and beautiful accessories.

“The joy a daughter will feel is indescribable when she observes mom feeling revitalized by her many new looks created from what she already owns,” said Cantor.

We love the idea of reusing, renewing, and donating used clothing. The cost is $200 for the first three hours and $50 each additional hour. Cantor can be reached through the Shop Your Closet website or through the Shop Your Closet Facebook page.

Be Empowered

Give Mom her own herbal alchemy kit for use in the kitchen. The ideal place to start, the Herbal Medicine Making Kit from LearningHerbs is set up so Mom can DO first and read later.

“We have gathered all your herbs and supplies together for a unique hands-on experience,” a representative from LLC said in an email.

This kit includes everything needed to make herbal tinctures (extracts) and salves, so Mom can learn how to create her own herbal remedies.

“It’s the first step to taking your everyday health care into your own hands,” the representative said. “And there are tons of simple herbal recipes you can make that will make you feel great.”

The price for the kit is set at $67, plus shipping, and can be purchased on the LearningHerbs website. Note that limited quantities are available.

Be Eco-Fabulous

Buy Mom a MATT & NAT bag. Made with a lining that is 100 percent recycled nylon, the Alter handbag, $145, is a great choice for the Mom who needs to carry it all. It features two separate, large zip compartments, an adjustable shoulder strap or handle, an interior zipper pocket, and a slip pocket—so no more searching for those hard-to-find smaller items.

Plus the MATT(ERIAL) & NAT(URE) company philosophy can make you feel good about your purchase. It uses eco, recycled, and upcycled materials wherever possible, like recycling plastic bottles for linings and using cork.

With company values like love, authenticity, and responsibility, you can’t go wrong with this gift.