BDS Communist China

August 2, 2020 Updated: August 14, 2020

One reads daily now of Communist China’s increasingly CCP authorized political, economic, and militarily threatening stance along with media screaming at the US and other free democracies. When are we and Australia, Great Britain, Europe, and Canada going to truly admit the belligerent intentions of the government of China?

Everyone knows, but few will admit, that the rise of China was fueled by the illogical optimism of Kissinger, the naivety of liberalism, and greed of consumerism. The CCP is an evil of the likes of which we have mostly forgotten since Nazism. The list is long and documented: violating the Treaty they signed regarding the political freedoms for the good people of Hong Kong, the massive buildup of their armed forces, the forced harvesting of human organs to profit the party, their refusal to take any responsibility for the world damaging Wuhan/CCP Virus, ardent supporters of the Marxist monarchy of North Korea, their flagrant refusal “to own” the Tiananmen massacre, etc.

Is it any real shock this comes from a brutal and not overwhelming popular party whose founding leader believed “Power comes out the barrel of the Gun?”

Communist China is quickly becoming a more powerful nemesis to us than the Soviet Union ever was!  China….good people, evil government.

We should immediately enact a new policy of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction.


Clive Furrows, San Diego

Captain, American Airlines