Battlefield 4: Core Improvements Coming in a Few Weeks

Battlefield 4 will get a few big improvements in a few weeks in September, it was announced.

DICE, the developer of the game, said it’s been working on the next update for the past two months, saying it’s been doing testing.

“As some of you may know, our team at DICE LA is working hard to finish the next game update for Battlefield 4, aiming at a release in September. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to utilize the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment to gather feedback and make various improvements to the game,” the firm said in an update this month on its blog.

It added: “The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 even better. This initiative has been in full swing for a little over two months now, and we’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we hope you have enjoyed. As we’re nearing the end of this initiative and the release of the next Battlefield 4 update.”

DICE said the next initiative is focused on teamplay.

“The next initiative on the CTE will be called the Teamplay Initiative. Here we will focus on improving teamplay and the objective aspects of playing Battlefield. This will include everything from Commander, Squads, Field Upgrades and Game Mode improvements, features and bug fixes,” it said. 

The next game in the Battlefield franchise is Battlefield Hardline, expected to come out in fall 2014 or in the early part of 2015.