Batman v Superman Trailer: Latest Rumors About Release Date

January 16, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The filming on Batman v Superman wrapped late last year, but it’s still not clear when the first trailer for the film will debut.

The movie was rumored to be attached to several movies that have hit theaters already, such as The Hobbit 3, but those rumors turned out to be incorrect.

However, one of the latest rumors pegs Jupiter Ascending–which was postponed to a February 6 release date–as the movie that the trailer will be attached to. 

That comes from Latino Review. It has been noted that if true it would enable Warner Bros to use the trailer with its other first-quarter 2015 releases, such as Focus.

Others have pegged the release for the Super Bowl, but Screen Rant says that’s likely not true.

“A number of 2015 tentpoles will be debuting fresh footage during the Super Bowl XLIX game (such as Jurassic World). However, forgoing a Super Bowl TV spot for Batman V Superman would not just be cheaper – since it would come with a $4.5 million price tag – but also better promote the Wachowskis’ expensive space opera, as a perk. That WB would end up taking this approach is something that many have suspected since Batman V Superman finished shooting,” it said.

Another rumor, which appeared to start on an unreliable Korean website, claimed that the trailer would be attached to Mad Max, which is slated to premiere in May 2015.

Batman on Film indicated in October 2014 that the trailer was “complete and ready to go,” but said that it likely wouldn’t come out until spring 2015. 


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