‘Basketball Wives LA’ 2014: Meet the New Cast in Season 3 (+Premiere Date)

February 12, 2014 Updated: February 12, 2014

Basketball Wives LA season 3 is set for a February 17 premiere date, and has three new cast members this season.

They all spoke to VH1 about themselves and what to expect:

Brandi Maxiell, wife of Atlanta Hawks player Jason Maxiell

Words other cast members used to describe her: reserved, fake, miserable, rude, snooty, insecure, tall.

I want people to know about me that I’m a  sweet girl, I’m a  people person.

There’s more to me than just on the outside, I have a good heart inside.

I had ovarian cancer survivor, so I want to bring awareness to that. I think having ovarian cancer, as crazy as it sounds, was a blessing for me. I got to see my perspective just totally change. It made me mature a lot. I’m very, in a crazy way, I’m very thankful for that.

I want people to know me, of what I want them to see, not what other girls are trying to say that I am.

Sundy Carter, mother of a child with Larry Hughes, who retired in 2012


Words other cast members used to describe her: wild, funny, drunk, damaged, intense, loud, secretive, real, graphic.”I am affiliated with being a basketball wife because I have a little angel with a basketball player.

I could realistically care less if anyone likes me or they don’t.

The difference between Basketball Wives Miami and Basketball Wives LA is that Basketball Wives Miamii, they have more of a connection, and even if there is a fight or a confrontation, whatever it is, they can come to some kind of middle ground and figure it out.

There’s this division between us.

If people think that she’s just a pretty face, I’ll prove them wrong.

Brittish Williams, engaged to European basketball star Lorenzo Gordon.


Words other cast members used to describe her: loud, ghetto, feisty, young, outspoken, crazy, ambitious, territorial

Gordon i’s excited for me, and he’s supportive of whatever I do. So if I wake up tomorrow and say that I’m going to dye my hair pink and run down the street, he’ll say ‘Whatever make you happy sweetheart.’

I’m different because I bring an element of a young businesswoman. I’m 23, I don’t have kids, I’ve never had kids, and I get to travel the world. I don’t live in the states where my fiance plays for the league, he plays in Europe, so we travel the world, I’ve been to Turkey, I’ve been to Russia, I’ve experienced Turkish on the Mediterranean Sea, I’ve done a lot of stuff that most of the women haven’t done.”

I’ve done a lot of things that the other women haven’t done.

I’m going to be someone exciting to watch. When I get feisty I have a bad temper, I kind of go from 0 to 2,000 I think.


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