Bart Receives About $6.8 Million for Safety, Security on System

August 31, 2018 Updated: August 31, 2018

BART is receiving around $6.8 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to improve safety and security on the system where violence has increased recently.

Part of the money will be used to pay for the ongoing deployment of BART’s Critical Asset Patrol, a team of seven police officers and a sergeant who patrol trains during peak travel hours and special events.

The balance of the money will be used for radio communication systems and improved security cameras at the Powell Street, Civic Center and 16th Street stations in San Francisco.

BART General Manager Grace Crunican said, “The grant provides an extra boost to the important steps we’re already taking to improve safety and security of BART riders.”

Recently, BART has faced scrutiny about safety on its system following the stabbing death of Nia Wilson and two other homicides which all occurred last month in about a weeks’ time.

Critical Asset Patrol team members are trained as terrorism liaison officers and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies. The team was launched in 2011.

Of the $6.8 million, $1.1 million will go toward sustaining the CAP team over the period of the grant, $2 million will go toward radio communication systems and $3.6 million will be used to upgrade security cameras.

By Keith Burbank.