Barrier and Weather Free Work Outs

January 5, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

I am always looking for ways to keep myself motivated and moving. According to experts like Dr. Jim Hill (The Step Diet) the main goal for everyday workouts is to move at least 30 minutes a day and preferably 60 minutes for the healthiest of lifestyles.

How to fit this amount of exercise in? It all depends on your priorities and your daily demands. For me, I need to get at least a 30 – 40 minute work out in first thing in the morning. This means getting up around 6 AM. I like going to our local YMCA for the facilities and variety of workout equipment. I am also always impressed with the number of people already there working out. They inspire me.

In reality, when the days get darker and colder or when I am traveling a bunch, I don’t get to the “Y” as frequently.  Not letting this get me down or become by “eternal” excuse is key. We still need the work out despite the weather or current location.

As some of you who regularly read my blog know, I discovered the fitness channels on my TV a while ago. There are great yoga and walking exercise videos. Then I moved and changed cable companies. That is when I discovered YouTube Fitness Videos.

The great thing about YouTube as a resource is that you can access it wherever you are, as long as you have internet access. Now with “Smart” TVs you can have it loaded up and view it on the big screen. Then on the road you can access it on your computer or iPad.

There are many videos to choose from depending on your level of fitness, time and preferred exercise. Currently my favorites are American Heart Association walking videos that can be done inside and wherever you are. One is a 2 mile cardio walk and the other gets you to 3 miles. Since I like variety, the other videos I enjoy are for a Pilates workout.  The walking is good for cardio and the Pilates is great for a core body workout and toning. Check YouTube out and see what other fitness videos inspire you!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!