Barrett’s Braids

April 29, 2013 Updated: April 29, 2013

What better way to complement spring’s bohemian glam fashion trend than with cascading braids in your hair?

This is one hair trend that is sure to transform a boring hair day into one in which you are making a statement in a very carefree “I barely tried” manner.

Zach Anderson, PR and social media coordinator of the John Barrett Salon, explains that whenever the weather warms up and wedding season hits, braids and braided updos become very popular.

Additionally, since this trend was prevalent during the spring 2013 runway shows, more and more women are asking for it.

The Salon

Located on the ninth floor of the world-renowned shopping destination Bergdorf Goodman, the John Barrett Salon is the go-to salon for celebrities, fashionistas, socialites, and savvy New Yorkers alike. Its open-air feel with bird’s-eye views of Fifth Avenue and Central Park is breathtaking.

According to John Barrett himself in a video posted on the website, “The John Barrett Salon has a downtown vibe but we’re really an uptown salon.”

Like any classy uptown salon, expect to see fresh flowers and be served coffee, tea, or water (with lemon, of course) upon arrival.

Although Barrett’s Braids at the John Barrett Salon is not a walk-in service, most times, one can be accommodated with a phone call just 10 minutes prior to arrival.

There are eight stylists who are well-versed in a multitude of braided styles. Six of the most popular styles include the side French braid, low braided crown, loose braids, double French updo, single/double loose side braid, and braided long ponytail.

However, there is a brochure filled with no less than 30 styles to pick from. Original style ideas are also welcome.

I arrived at the salon with clean, dry hair. Sue Nonn, my stylist, expertly styled my hair into three different yet equally beautiful braided looks.

Look 1: The first one included a braid on each side of my head, pulled back and clasped in the middle with the rest of my hair loose. I can easily see myself wearing my hair like this on a night out with friends.

Look 2: The second look was a more formal, yet relaxed, updo. It could make for a stunning red-carpet look.

Look 3: Lastly, my hair was left loose with thin braids carefully placed at random to give a sexy, tousled look. I would love to wear my hair like this for a weekend at the beach.

The good news is that most of these styles take only 15–20 minutes and can last up to three days. And they will not break the bank at only $50 a pop if you come in with clean, dry hair.

The price is a bit more if you require your hair to be washed and blown out. And if your hair is on the shorter end, you need not fret, as clip-in extensions can easily allow for any of these styles. However, it will cost you upward of $100.

With spring here and summer fast approaching, a fresh braid is a great way to spruce up your style. And it’s cheaper than sprucing up your wardrobe.

I see myself visiting Barrett’s Braids quite often in the coming seasons!

The John Barrett Salon can be reached by phone 212-872-2700 or through the website (

Elena Marks is a freelance writer specializing in fashion, music, and adventure travel, and lives in Port Washington, N.Y.