Barbed Wire ‘Booby trap’ Found On a Bike Path

March 13, 2016 Updated: November 10, 2017

A barbed wire “booby trap” was discovered set up across a bike path.

The wire, which could cause serious injury as it is located near one’s neck and face area, was spotted on a cycle path in Wormshill, Kent, reported the Metro.

A photo of the wire was posted on Twitter, getting thousands of retweets. “Nightmare. Barbed wire traps set at cyclist neck height on Kentish trails around Wormshill,” wrote Twitter user @BikesyUK.

Kent Police are investigating the matter. They said it could tear “a cyclist’s throat.”

“Local officers are aware of this and making enquiries. Any further incidents of this nature should be reported by calling 101,” Kent Police wrote on Twitter.

A number of Twitter users were horrified at the discovery.