Darren Wilson Marries Barbara Spradling: Age and Facts for Ferguson Police Officers

November 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot teenager Michael Brown dead in Ferguson, Missouri recently got married to fellow cop Barbara Spradling.

Wilson, who has been in hiding while a grand jury decides to indict him or not, went into a county office building in Clayton just outside St. Louis to get married last month, public records show.

The records indicate that Wilson and Spradling obtained their marriage license on the fourth floor of the building, which is just steps away from the courthouse where the grand jury has been meeting.

Wilson is 28 and Spradling is 37. No pictures of Spradling have emerged yet.

The couple, which got married on October 24 in the presence of two witnesses, has each been married previously, reported the New York Times. Wilson was reportedly married to a woman named Ashley Nicole Brown until November 2013; they bought a house in Troy in June 2012 but sold it  ayear later, two months after Wilson filed for divorce.

Wilson’s parents also divorced, reported the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Wilson and Spradling own a home together on Manda Lane in Crestwood, Missouri, which is about 30 minutes away from Ferguson by car.

But because Wilson has been subject to death threats over the Brown killing, the couple has been holing up in an undisclosed location. The neighborhood in which they own a home is predominantly white. 

Both Wilson and Spradling have been linked to the KKK according to the hacker group Anonymous. 

A friend of Spradling’s told the Guardian earlier this year that Spradling backs up Wilson’s story that disputed the account of Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson. The friend said that Brown started the struggle by striking Wilson in the face, leading to Wilson shooting Brown.

Brown’s friend says that Brown was running away when he was shot but Spradling’s friend said that Spradling told him or her that the narrative was “a lie.”

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