Bankrupting Our Country for Botox

March 27, 2021 Updated: March 27, 2021

Yesterday, on my local community’s Facebook page, a woman posted the following: “My stimmy about to hit. I want Botox and lips. Where to y’all recommend?”

I could not believe all the comments SUPPORTING this! A few people tried to respond saying, “Maybe you should use the money to do something more responsible,” and they immediately got shouted down with things like “she can do what she wants with her money.” And she responded back: “Girlfriend I’m getting a huge fat check this time around. These kids coming in handy!”

They don’t understand that IT’S OUR MONEY that she is spending! We just spent a trillion dollars bankrupting our country for the next generation so that people who are irresponsible with their money get bailed out by those who are responsible.

When the government gives blank checks to people with no strings attached, and no education to people about how they might want to spend that money, we are left with a horrible financial future.

Please, please, please encourage your readers to write to their representatives asking them to refuse to approve any additional handouts without some oversight on how it should be spent. Bankrupting our country for Botox has got to stop.

Christine Dull