Bangladesh Releases 1,000 Prisoners to Ease Overcrowding

By Loretta Duchamps
Loretta Duchamps
Loretta Duchamps
August 19, 2010 Updated: August 20, 2010

In an attempt to lessen overcrowding and improve living conditions Bangladesh’s prisons, officials released around 1,000 prisoners serving life sentences Thursday.

Campaigners say that 75,000 prisoners are crammed together in 67 jails in Bangladesh’s prison system, amounting to three times their capacity, according to BBC.

According to officials, those released have already served prison sentences of at least 20 years.

"We will release more prisoners in future because the process has already started," said Ashraful Islam, a prison inspector general, according to BBC.

Bangladesh’s unhygienic prisons are a breeding ground for contagious diseases such as tuberculosis because of overcrowding as well as the great shortage of medical facilities.