Balloons Released Towards Mainland China Carrying Messages of CCP Withdrawals

By Xu Shiting, Epoch Times Staff
October 2, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: October 2, 2005 12:00 am

TAIWAN – October 1st marked the 56th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. On this day, over a thousand residents from Taiwan and Jinmen rallied in Jinmen to march in support of the five million withdrawals from the CCP. They were marching in response to overseas Chinese changing October 1 from “CCP's National Day” to “The Day the CCP Stole the Country” and “China's National Day of Mourning.” Demonstrators also called for current CCP leader, Hu Jintao, to follow the steps of former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, and “quit the CCP to establish a new Party.”

Aside from Hong Kong, Jinmen City of Taiwan is situated closest to mainland China and both sides have established direct links of mail, trade and transport (the Three Direct Links). In Jinmen alone, over four thousand Chinese brides have married Taiwanese men since cross-straits union became possible. The CCP is blocking news of people's withdrawal from the CCP, but Jinmen's event of conscience in support of Chinese people quitting the CCP is breaking through the CCP's information blockade.

The parade was organized by Jinmen's Bye to CCP Coalition, Jinmen's Community Development Committee, and the Global CCP Renunciation Center in Jinmen. The Global CCP Renunciation Service Center in Jinmen was established to aid members of the CCP and its affiliated organizations in resigning from the Party. Lin Rongsen, director of Jinmen's Bye to CCP Coalition, stated that, since the CCP's establishment, it has murdered 80 million people in the name of the country, continued to persecute democratic activists and Falun Gong practitioners starting a decade ago, and robbed Taiwanese businessmen and women. To the Chinese, October 1 is a dark day.

Lin said, “The CCP's evil trait has not changed one bit! It no longer deserves the hope and opportunities given by the world's people. What is even more disgraceful is that for financial gains, a few overseas countries and corporations investing in China have sold their souls by exchanging human rights for business opportunities in China. They have tacitly acquiesced to and have extended the CCP's crimes. The CCP is the world's most evil criminal.”

In recent years, Jinmen City in Taiwan has opened up Three Direct Links to China for the exchange of China's yuan, or renminbi. Situated very close to mainland China, Jinmen became the center of international attention on August 23, 1958, when it was bombarded with approximately 470,000 bullets and 823 rounds of artillery shells fired by the CCP troops. For an extended historical period, Jinmen had passed messages into mainland China about giving up the evil ideology of communism. The current release of high-flying balloons carrying “Wave of CCP Resignation” messages will break through the blockade and deliver this historical message into China.

Balloons carrying message of withdrawal from the CCP fly towards Mainland China (The Epoch Times)
Balloons carrying message of withdrawal from the CCP fly towards Mainland China (The Epoch Times)

To conclude the event, Lin called upon Hu to “quit the CCP and establish a new Party” because the CCP no longer has the people's hearts and that such an action is also the hope of Chinese worldwide. Lin further urged Hu to follow the steps of Gorbachev and become a truly great historical figure, and to replace lies and suppression with morality and democracy. “The time that God and the people give you is really not that much longer.”

Before the march began, director of Jinmen's Bye to CCP Coalition, Lin Rongsen; representative of Jinmen's Community Development Committee, Xu Nengxue; director of Taiwan's Victims of Investment in China Association, Gao Weibang; a Chinese bride, Dr. Nie Shuwen; and representative of Taiwan's Coalition for Democracy and Rights, Zheng Qimei, together began the “Quit CCP Balloon” ceremony. The messages imprinted on the balloons include: “Without CCP, there will be a new China.” The event in Jinmen was in response to a global effort and it symbolized the support from across the Strait and the call for the coming of true peace between the two sides.

The secretary general of Fujian province, Weng Mingzhi, sent his greetings during the event. Weng stated that he would participate in the march and wished the rally a success. Hu Zhiguang, son of General Hu Lian, who was stationed in Jinmen during the CCP's shooting and bombing towards Jinmen in 1958, spoke at the rally.