Bachelorette 2014: Andi Dorfman, Winner Josh Murray Watch Brother Aaron Murray’s NFL Preseason Game (+Photos)

Andi Dorfman and the winner of her Bachelorette season Josh Murray traveled to Charlotte to watch Murray’s younger brother Aaron Murray play in a NFL preseason game over the weekend.

Josh posted a picture of the trio hanging out prior to the game, while Andi got excited by Aaron’s play.

His first pass in the game went for a touchdown.

“First play @aaronmurray11 for the TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Andi exclaimed via Twitter.

She posted an update after the weekend ended, saying “Finally back home! Great weekend! So proud of future lil bro @aaronmurray11 with his first NFL touchdown!”




Andi also posted pictures on Tuesday of her and Josh going golfing for the first time together.

“First time golfing with the fiancée… No clubs thrown, very few curse words. #success,” she said.

Meanwhile, there’s been no updates in terms of a wedding date.

The wedding between the pair is slated to be televised and will reportedly be next spring.

Some blogs keep claiming that there’s trouble in the relationship, but the rumors have mostly died down.

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