Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Michelle Kujawa Leaves, Daniella McBride Eliminated in Premiere

Two women are eliminated in episode 1 of Bachelor in Paradise on ABC on Monday night.

The Bachelor spinoff will start at 8 p.m. EDT on August 4 with eight women and six men.

The full cast list has been published but the contestants that start out the show (as opposed to being brought on later) haven’t been officially named. According to Reality Steve, the first contestants are:

Robert Graham (Des’ season)
Ben Scott (Des)
Graham Bunn (DeAnna, Bachelor Pad 2)
Marquel Martin (Andi)
Marcus Grodd (Andi)
Dylan Petitt (Andi)

Michelle Kujawa (Jake, Bachelor Pad 1)
Clare Crawley (Juan Pablo)
Sarah Herron (Sean)
AshLee Frazier (Sean)
Elise Mosca (Juan Pablo)
Lacy Faddoul (Juan Pablo)
Daniella McBride (Sean)
Michelle Money (Brad, Bachelor Pad 2)

According to Steve, who regularly publishes spoilers about the Bachelor series and is often correct, Kujawa decides to leave the show before the rose ceremony because she doesn’t feel a connection with any of the six men.



“That night back at her hotel is when she is caught with a sound guy in her room, he jumps off balcony and broke both his legs/feet. This is the clip where we see Chris Harrison coming to Michelle’s door in the preview when she slams it in his face. This had happened the next day after she was already gone from the show,” Steve said.

At the rose ceremony, Ben has to choose between Sarah and Daniella. He chooses Sarah, meaning Sarah is eliminated.

The format of the show is that every episode there are two more of one gender than another. So two men–Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter–are going to go on the show for episode 2, leaving the women to decide who moves forward and which two are eliminated.

Then the format reverses for the next episode, with two new women being introduced.

Bachelor in Paradise is scheduled to run for seven weeks. Each episode is two hours long.

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