Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Marquel Martin, Kalon McMahon Eliminated in Episode 4 (+Videos)

Bachelor in Paradise is back on August 25, with the women giving out roses and the men asking for dates.

Jesse Kovacs from Jillian’s Bachelorette season and Kalon McMahon from Emily’s season are set to join the show.

During the episode, Kalon asks three women on dates–Michelle Money, Jackie Parr, and Sarah Herron. But they all ultimately say no so he angrily goes off by himself.

Cody tries to ask Clare on a date but finds out that she’s in a relationship with Zack, do Cody then decides that he wants to give up his date card because he wants to get to know people in the house. He gives the card to Marcus Grodd, who goes on a date with Lacy Faddoul.

Jackie gets asked by Jesse on a date, and accepts this time.



Reality Steve says that Kalon and Marquel end up getting eliminated when Jackie gives her rose to Jesse over them.

Marquel and Michelle had a talk about their relationship with Marquel revealing he didn’t really like her or something along those lines.

ABC teases things with the following description: 

“Back at the house, things start to heat up when the outspoken AshLee gets caught gossiping about Clare, leading to an epic confrontation. The ladies show an ugly side that leaves their suitors, Graham and Zack, with some serious concerns heading into the rose ceremony. The contestants gather at the scenic Casa Palapa where six women must each hand out a rose, meaning two men will be exiting paradise.

“As the ladies begin to hand out their roses, the memory of the confrontation is still lingering and to everyone’s surprise, one of the bachelors panics and runs out of the rose ceremony just as his name is being called. His suitor and the rest of the contestants are left in shock.”

Episode 5 of Bachelor in Paradise is scheduled to air on Tuesday instead of a week break. Another episode will then air next Monday.

In the Tuesday episode, Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen, both from Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor will be joining the show, as the men decide who to eliminate.

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