Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Jesse Kovacs, Kalon McMahon to Join Show as Reality Steve Reveals Compensation Details

Two new men are set to join Bachelor in Paradise for the upcoming episode.

Jesse Kovacs from Jillian’s Bachelorette season and Kalon McMahon from Emily’s season are set to join in episode 4.

During the episode, Kalon gets rejected by Michelle, Jackie, and Sarah–he asked all of them out–so he goes off by himself.

Marcus goes on a date with Lacy, while Jesse goes on a date with Jackie.

Reality Steve says that Kalon and Marquel end up getting eliminated when Jackie gives her rose to Jesse over them.


The blogger has also been revealing details about the show, including the financial compensation that the cast members receive.

He told a reader in response to an email that people made anywhere from about $7,000 to $15,000 total, and not everyone made the same amount.

He told another reader that he knows that all the cast members got a flat rate to go on the show.

Some of them may have received an additional stipend per episode.

Steve also revealed that although filming took only about three weeks, viewers are led to believe that each episode represents a week.

The rare times when one of the cast says “days,” it’s an editing slipup.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode 4 on Monday, August 25 will be followed by another episode on Tuesday, August 26, according to ABC.

The series is scheduled for seven episodes, with no reunion show slated as of yet.

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