Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Ben Scott Leaves Episode 2 After a Letter From Girlfriend Found

Bachelor in Paradise premiered this week, and fans are searching for spoilers about what happens next. 

The entire show is recorded before the first episode airs, making spoilers more prominent as opposed to live shows.

Episode 2, airing on August 11, features a “deceitful bachelor” who has been lying to everyone and has a girlfriend back home, according to ABC’s official description.

Reality Steve says that this bachelor is Ben Scott. 

“During this episode, Marcus finds a note in Ben’s suitcase from a girlfriend back home, he confronts him on it, and Ben leaves,” he said.

“Lets just say Marcus conveniently found the note. Producers actually found it but the show will make it seem like it was Marcus. I guess he was the one who they got to agree to just go along with the storyline.”

The episode will also feature other drama as Kalter and Chris Bukowski enter the fray. The latter hooks up with Elisa, making Dylan upset and leads to him asking Sarah on a date.

At the rose ceremony, Elise gives her rose to Dylan but he refuses it, so she then gives it to Chris.

Sarah then has to choose between Robert and Dylan, and she chooses Robert–meaning Ben and Dylan are the eliminated men after this episode.

Episode 3 will see Danielle Ronco from Juan Pablo’s season and Jackie Parr from Sean’s season enter the show.

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