Bachelor in Paradise: Sources Tell Reality Steve Show Was Full of Roaches, Scorpions, also Bugs

Bachelor in Paradise is set to start next Monday, and Reality Steve has already gotten a lot of new information about the show.

Bachelor in Paradise brings back 25 former contestants on various Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. The contestants try to figure out the right match for them without getting eliminated.

Bachelor in Paradise takes place in Tulum, Mexico. Although there’s seven episodes filming actually only took about three weeks, starting on July 4.

Sources told Steve that the spinoff is like the Bachelor, but “in a place where roaches, scorpions, and insects ran rampant, the food was terrible, hot water wasn’t always readily available, and the place they stayed was kind of a dump.” 

Steve also noted that the show seems to lack a real concept or end point. Only two couples ended the show together; the other four remaining at that point broke up. And the format itself is somewhat confusing, with the rose ceremonies alternating between men and women, with two people of the alternate gender being brought in after each episode. For instance, the show started with eight women and six men. Two women get eliminated, while two men came on after the first episode.

The show will run for seven weeks starting on August 4. There’s no planned reunion show like the ones in the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. [Spoilers below the video. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know]

The big spoiler, and one that many people have probably already heard, is that Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul leave the show as a couple–and they’re engaged.

The other couple is said to be Michelle Money and Cody Sattler.

Steve noted that it was hard for people to make a connection because of the short duration of the show.

“In the end, it really turns out to be nothing more than this show trying their hardest to force people to like each other by putting them in situations where you think you’re falling for someone, when it’s really just lust at this point and you don’t really know. Now granted I will give them credit in this aspect: At least on ‘BIP’ and ‘Bachelor Pad’ you do get to spend much more time with the person you’re interested in than on the ‘Bachelor’ or ‘Bachelorette,'” he said.

“You see them every day, you can talk to them every day that isn’t in some contrived date setting, and you can basically sleep with them every night if you want. But still, if you spent every single day with that person down in Mexico, it’s still only 3 weeks of getting to know someone. You don’t know anyone in 3 weeks, I don’t care how many bodily fluids you exchanged. That’s just silly. But will we watch? Absolutely. See you August 4th.”

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