Bachelor in Paradise 2014: New Extended Preview Video for ABC Show (+Spoilers, Air Date)

A new extended preview from Bachelor in Paradise gives a sneak peek into the season.

The preview shows lots of drama between the cast, which are all former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” says one woman, crying, in one of the first scenes. “Don’t waste one more tear,” says another, trying to comfort her.

One scene shows what was spoiled by Reality Steve, about Marcus Grodd finding a note in Ben Scott’s suitcase from a girlfriend. He confronts him, and Ben leaves.

“He absolutely has a girlfriend,” says Marcus about Ben in the preview.

“A letter from someone saying that she loves you, are you in love with her?” says what appears to be Michelle Money, crying. “I thought this was going to be so different.”

“I regret getting on that plane,” says Dylan Petitt later in the preview seeming to echo the sentiment of many of the cast.

“I’m just so excited to be here with you,” says Robert Graham in the preview to what appears to be Sarah Herron. They’re shown professing their love with each other and on several dates, including on a boat.

“This is hands down the coolest and most romantic place I’ve ever been in my entire life,” says Graham later, presenting a contrast to some people who aren’t having a good time. 

“There’s no better feeling that I’ve had for a long time,” Chris Bukowski says later, giving a rose to someone.

“I’m in love with this girl, and nothing is going to scare me,” says Marcus Grodd of Lucy Faddoul.

“Yes, a kiss was involved, but I was thinking about you the whole time,” says Elise Mosca to Dylan, who isn’t buying it. According to the spoilers, they’d hit it off early on, but she hooked up with Chris once he arrived, and Dylan found out and told her he didn’t want anything to do with her. She still offered him a rose at the ceremony, but he rejected it, so she gave it to Chris.

Sarah was left to choose between Robert and Dylan, and chose Robert, sending Dylan home.

The sneak peak also shows an incident with “blood all over the floor” and sirens blaring, and an ambulance later leaving the scene.

Bachelor in Paradise is scheduled for seven episodes with no live reunion shows or specials scheduled as of yet. It’s slated to premiere on August 4, picking up the Bachelorette’s time slot, meaning it will air for two hours every Monday night from 8 p.m. EDT to 10 p.m.

Perhaps the biggest spoiler that’s come out is that Marcus and Lucy are engaged, although the rumor remains unconfirmed and Marcus has denied it.


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