Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Only One Chris Soules Episode Filmed Outside United States

December 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers have been ramping up lately and an interesting one is that the entire show apart from on episode was filmed inside the United States.

Most of the filming took place in California or Iowa, where Bachelor Chris Soules farms.

Reality Steve, besides naming the winner of the season, revealed that the only episode to take place outside the U.S. is episode 9, which features the three final contestants.

The overnight dates in the episode take place in Bali, where Chris and the three women spent a week.

Steve noted that everyone always asks if the Bachelor sleeps with all three women, and he reiterated that it depends–sometimes they do, sometimes they do with one or two, and sometimes none at all.

Steve said that after one of the women gets eliminated, the finale heads back to Iowa, in or near Chris’ hometown of Arlington.

“The final rose ceremony was held this past Saturday at a barn owned by Chris’ parents in Lamont, Iowa. Was held at 4875 30th St., Lamont, IA 50650,” he added.

“Both girls showed up for the final rose ceremony. Chris did not let one of them go early.”

The Bachelor season 19 is slated to premiere on January 5, 2015.


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