Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Megan, Kaitlyn, and Mackenzie Get Roses in Episode 2

January 12, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Bachelor 2015 kicked off last week, and some spoilers for this Monday have emerged.

The episode will see the 22 remaining bachelorettes shocked when Kimberly, who got eliminated in the premiere, returns thanks to a plea to Chris Soules.

And the episode will feature six of the women stripping down to their swimsuits for a rooftop pool party, but they soon go out to the streets of Los Angeles to have a tractor race.

ABC revealed that Megan, the makeup artist, gets the first one-on-one date of the season–a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, during which she and Chris share “romantic kisses.” At another point in time, he shares some more kisses with Britt, the waitress and early frontrunner.

Many of the other women undergo a group date that features them shooting zombies with paintball guns.

“Chris and his group of six beautiful women are getting to know one another up-close-and-personal at their rooftop pool party, but how will the bachelorettes react to a tractor race in bikinis? After a slow start, there is a one lucky winner, but Chris does a 180 turn and decides to spend time with another woman, who is not the winner, sending home five disappointed ladies,” the network said. 

Realy Steve revealed that Mackenzie is one of the six women–and that she doesn’t win the race, but gets the rose and a date night.

Megan gets a rose after the Grand Canyon date, and Kaitlyn, the dance instructor, gets the group date rose from the zombie paintball excursion.

The other women left are Alissa, the flight attendant; Amber, the bartender; Ashley I., the freelance journalist; Ashley S., the hair stylist; Becca, the chiropractic assistant; Carly, the cruise ship singer; Jade, the cosmetics developer; Jillian, the news producer; Jordan, the student; Juelia, the esthetician; Kelsey, the guidance counselor; Nikki, the former NFL cheerleader; Samantha, the fashion designer; Tandra, the executive assistant; Tara, the sports fishing enthusiast; Tracy, the fourth grade teacher; Trina, the special education teacher; and Whitney, the fertility nurse.

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