Bachelor 2015: Reality Steve Reader Plugs Iowa, Where Chris Soules Lives, as Great Place to Live

Reality Steve says that Chris Soules has been confirmed as the next Bachelor, according to his sources.

Soules, who was third in the past season of The Bachelorette, lives in a small town in Iowa.

A reader of Steve’s sent in an email saying that the area is actually nice, contrary to some conceptions.

“I currently live in Iowa about a half hour from Chris’ hometown! I am originally from San Jose, CA, the heart of the Silicon Valley, but moved to Iowa two years ago. I keep hearing that no one will want to move to Iowa to be with Chris, but honestly, it’s not that bad here,” the unnamed reader said.

“Although I miss CA tremendously, including the ample things to do, culture, and amazing weather, Iowa really isn’t that bad. It is super affordable to live, there is no traffic, everything is green (instead of brown and dry), the people are way nicer out here, the schools are great, and there is hardly any crime. It is a perfect place to raise a family and settle down with a very handsome Bachelor.”

“And, believe it or not, there are cities here and things to do…. like the Mississippi River, nice restaurants, casinos, bars/comedy clubs, shopping malls, museums, theaters, festivals, and everything else you can find somewhere else. So, hopefully everyone has an open mind for the upcoming season. I am very excited to watch!”

Steve added a comment at the end: “I think it’s just because people aren’t used to the lead being from such a small city is why they’re freaking out. I don’t think it’s a big deal because it’s a television show and life will still go on whether or not Chris Soules finds a wife.”

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