Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Episode 1 Spoilers From Reality Steve

January 2, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules is set to kick off next week, with a three-hour episode on Monday night.

Reality Steve has obtained spoilers about the season premiere ahead of time, including all of the introductions and memorable moments.

The episode will feature 15 girls getting out of limos and being introduced to Chris, and later on the other 15 arrive.

One memorable introduction is Britt Nilsson, a 27-year-old waitress, who gives Chris two long hugs during the first episode. They almost kiss during one. She explains at one point that she enjoys carrying a piece of paper that says Free Hugs, and giving random people hugs.

Host Chris Harrison noted on his Yahoo blog post that Soules and Nilsson had great chemistry. “

If he had to pick one straight out of the limo that first night, it was Britt, who I think is the first girl to get out of the limos. The best part was that she walked up, he told her she is beautiful, and then they hugged. And they kept hugging. And then the hug doesn’t stop and it gets awkward. It is the longest hug I’ve ever seen during the arrivals,” the host said.

“He then proceeded to tell her it was the best hug he’d had in a long time and then asked for her name. It was probably intimidating for the other four girls in that limo. Like, ‘Well, should we just all go home?'”

Chris also spends time with the woman who has been named the eventual winner by Steve. Click the link if you want the spoiler.

Later, the other 15 girls arrived. One girl, Tandra, showed up on a motorcycle, while another, Tracy, a teacher, read a note from one of her 4th grade pupils that was telling Chris why he should choose her. 

At the end, Steve says he knows for sure of 16 girls who made it to the second night–Britt, Whitney, Kelsey, Megan, Ashley I., Ashley S., Amber, Trina, Nikki, Kaitlyn, Becca, Tandra, Carly, Tracy, Jordan, and Jade. He said he’s pretty sure that Kimberly, Samantha, Brittany, and Jillian did as well. That’s 20 of the 22 who make it past the first night.


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