Baby, Two Adults Die After Christmas Tree Catches Fire in Florida Home

December 13, 2017 Updated: December 13, 2017

A man, woman, and their baby have been found dead in a Florida home after a Christmas tree caught on fire on the evening of Tuesday, Dec 12, police said.

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department were called before 8:30 p.m. to a home on 8900 block of India Avenue, south of the Arlington Expressway, reported CBS.

Firefighters found three bodies and a burned Christmas tree after forcing entry into the home.

Authorities suspect foul play in the deaths of the three people, but police could not say what evidence leads them to believe that, reported the news station.

“(There is an) adult male, adult female and toddler dead. We suspect foul play but the investigation is in its early stages and we don’t have much information at this point,” Sgt. David Smith told CBS.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not released the identities of the victims. However, people who claim to be the relatives of the victims were gathered outside the home.

“We have no idea. The door was locked. We have no idea what happened, just that they’re no longer with us,” one relative told CBS.

The great-grandfather of the youngest victim confirmed that it was his great-granddaughter, Arielle, her 19-year-old mother, Ariyan Johnson, and her 20-year-old father, Quasean Trotter, who were in the house on Tuesday night, reported CBS.

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