Baby Gorilla Lost Mom to Illegal Wildlife Trade, Now Depends on Cuddles From His Keeper

March 26, 2019 Updated: April 1, 2019

The ordeal of being born can be tough, especially if you soon lose your parents after coming into the world.

Take this baby gorilla called Bobga, for example. He was found caged, alone, and tied to a pole not long after being born.

In diesem Verschlag musste der kleine Gorilla leben – einsam, ohne seine Familie, auf einem Drahtboden.

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When Bobga was discovered by the Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) in Cameroon back in January, it was feared a tragedy had occurred. His mother would have been forcibly separated from him, as they are known to be fiercely protective of their young. Baby apes are often sold off as pets, or to perform as circus animals.

It’s a relief though that since his rescue, the baby gorilla has been receiving all the love and attention he needs, ensuring sound development.

Erinnert Ihr Euch an den kleinen Gorilla, der Ende Januar in Kamerun beschlagnahmt wurde? 🦍🍼💞 Der kleine Bobga genießt…

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“Bobga has grown into a playful, confident and strong gorilla,” said LWC spokesperson Peggy Motsch. “Every day he exhibits the skills he would need to survive in a semi-free enclosure and, hopefully one day, for being back in the wild.”

Staff hope Bobga will be able to survive in his own natural habitat in the near future.

Bobga and the entire LWC team wish you a very relaxing weekend! #Friday #Weekend #Baby #Gorilla #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Volunteer #Africa

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And there is much hope that their goal will soon be achieved.

“Bobga has been busy learning skills from his dedicated caretakers as part of his rehabilitation—including foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming,” Motsch told The Dodo. “He loves to run and roll around, play, forage and climb the different structures (and people!),” she added.

The young gorilla is achieving milestones every day.

For orphan gorilla Bobga, foraging, playing, learning social skills, stimulating curiosity, climbing and grooming all…

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One of his carers, Alvin, was captured in a photo taking a nap with Bobga nestled in beside him, a picture of trust between human and gorilla. Isn’t this such a great shot?

With the care and attention he is receiving; Bobga is sure to grow up with every chance of survival.

Watch the video:

Baby gorilla Bobga vs football

It's important to give different types of enrichment to animals. See how Bobga reacts to and plays with a football! We're not sure he'll make the national squad but he seemed to enjoy it! #gorilla #enrichment #Bobga #primate #LimbeWildlifeCentre #Cameroon #Africa #football #worldcup

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