Baby Girl Gravely Ill After Drugstore Wrongly Gave Her Overdose of Antibiotic Medicine

January 11, 2018 Updated: January 11, 2018

A 23-month-old baby girl was left “struggling to breathe” after a pharmacist allegedly incorrectly mixed the dose of her medicine for an ear infection.

Paisley Thomas from the United Kingdom was prescribed a repeat prescription of an erythromycin, which she has used 12 times before, for her ear infection, reported the Mirror.

Her mom Becky Thomas, 27, filled the tutti-frutti flavored prescription at her local drugstore on Christmas Eve and started giving the antibiotic medication to her daughter immediately.

“I thought the medicine look a bit syrupy and there didn’t seem much in the bottle, but I didn’t think to query it,” she told the newspaper.

On Christmas Day, after taking four doses the little girl started to become violently ill.

“She was being sick, she had diarrhea and it was like she was struggling to breathe, she wasn’t eating or drinking, I was really scared for her life,” Thomas said.

“Paisley’s been on this prescription 12 times in her life and I’d never seen her like that before,” the mother continued.

“I went to give her the fourth dose and she was lifeless and so ill. I looked at the bottle and the medicine was all congealed and powdery white, not like it’s meant to be,” she added.

The frantic mother then took little Paisley to the hospital.

“My dad drove me and Paisley in straight away, obviously he was really worried about his granddaughter,” Thomas said. “We were seen straight away and the doctor said that Paisley’s medicine had definitely been mixed wrongly so they put her on some antibiotics.”

“The doctor said the medicine had not been mixed with enough water and it was far too strong. We had been overdosing poor Paisley without realizing it,” she added.

Thomas was unable to get more medicine until drugstores were opened after Christmas Day. However, things took a turn for the worse and Paisley was rushed to the hospital again for a spreading infection and low blood sugar.

“She was totally lifeless, they sent over a response ambulance straight away,” her mother told the newspaper.

“Paisley still isn’t 100% and her brothers just want their sister back to normal again,” she added.

Thomas has since made a complaint to the drugstore, Tesco Pharmacy, about the incident.

“This has made me totally lose my trust in Tesco and I definitely won’t ever be going back to them ever again,” she said.

The mother of three said the ordeal ruined Christmas for her family.

“The other kids were upset, they wanted to open their presents and had been really excited until they saw Paisley—and they didn’t understand what was wrong,” she told the newspaper.

Tesco has issued an apology to Thomas and her daughter, reported the Mirror.

“We’re extremely sorry for the upset and concern caused to Becky and her daughter,” a Tesco spokesperson said.


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