Video: Baby Girl Can’t Hide Happiness at Hearing Her Sister’s Voice for the Very First Time

May 11, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

The baby girl in this video is about to hear her sister’s voice for the very first time – and you’ll want to see the moment for yourself.

Little Scarlet was born 12 weeks early, and shortly after her birth she developed a gastrointestinal problem that required antibiotics. Unfortunately, a side effect of the life-saving antibiotics left her with a hearing impairment.

Her mom, Carol Benjamin, thought Scarlet’s hearing hadn’t been too badly damaged, but her reaction when she got her hearing aids showed she’d been almost completely deaf.

“Baby sister!” her big sister, Halie, sings to her, and after the third time Scarlet begins to laugh. Little Scarlet cannot stop laughing, and when she leans back to look up at her mom Carol says, “Hey Baby! Hi!” As Scarlet continues to laugh, Carol has to fight back tears.

After a minute of laughing Scarlet tries screaming, but she finds it too loud and begins to cry – then, just as suddenly, she shocks herself out of crying and continues laughing.

When she shared the video of their appointment at the Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville, Carol said: “It’s one of the absolute best days of our lives.”

Watch the video to see Scarlet struggle to contain herself, surprises herself, and laughs with pure joy!

Video Credit: storyful