Baby Elephant Stuck Upside Down in Mud Is Freed–With Men’s and Digger’s Help

April 1, 2019 Updated: April 5, 2019

When locals discovered this baby elephant stranded upside down in a ditch, they rushed to help. The poor baby must have fallen in and the adults had left it there. It was distraught and flailing, and they had to rescue it.

At first they tried to pull it out, but were unable to budge it, so they brought in a JCB digger to start digging it out. The work is slow, and the baby becomes more and more agitated with each movement of the JCB. One wrong move could seriously injure the baby.

They clear the earth on one side of the baby, but a lump directly beneath it keeps it from righting itself. So the JCB moves to the other side and clears the earth there, giving the baby more room to wiggle.

After almost two hours the baby still isn’t free. A second excavator joins in the effort and together they return to the first side, pushing the earth out from beneath the baby.

After two hours, the baby finally wiggles and gets its feet beneath it – finally it stands up and climbs out of the ditch! We only hope it found its family once the commotion died down!

Watch the video to see the moment it is finally free!

Video Credit: Newsflare