Baby Burned By His Pacifier Prompts Warning From New Mom

June 25, 2018 Updated: June 25, 2018

A Kent County mother is warning parents about the use pacifiers after her seven-month-old who slept with a pacifier suctioned onto his face, awoke with a blister resembling that of a chemical burn, Fox News reported.

Kristen Milhone was playing with seven-month-old Jack when she noticed something concerning on her child’s face.

“I picked him up and was playing with him and then all of the sudden I saw his bump on the side of his head,” said Milhone.

“I got up to turn the light on and he had this blister. It almost looked like a chemical burn.”

Milhone proceeded to the emergency department where doctors initially had trouble figuring out the cause of the burn.

“They thought it was ringworm at first,” Milhone said.

Milhone said that it was only after the hospital trip that they realized the size of the burn was the same size as that of the pacifier.

Jack had fallen asleep on the pacifier, which then suctioned onto his face, leaving the burn that Milhone found the following day.

Pacifier which suctioned onto seven-month-old Jack’s face. (Screenshot via Fox News).

“As you become a parent, you read so much and you hear so much and your doctors tell you so much,” said Milhone. “It’s drilled into your head.”

These pacifiers, which are given out at the hospital, are supposed to be safer and more sanitary, Fox News reported.

Milhone is now warning parents about her experience using the pacifiers.

“It’s just terrifying, like you don’t do all this stuff and then this one thing you may do is like suction cup a pacifier to your child’s head,” said Milhone.

Jack will need to have antibiotic treatment applied to the burn and attend follow-up checks with his doctor. According to Fox News, Jack may need to go to a burn clinic or plastic surgeon if the burn doesn’t heal; a scar may also result due to his skin being so thin.

Video Credit: Fox News


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