Our Cry Babies Finally Show Their Inner Cuteness

By Jasmina.Davis
July 3, 2014 Updated: July 3, 2014

When we think about babies, we just think about their “googoogaagaa” and their crying. But let’s just set that aside for a moment and enjoy some of these cute babies.

 1. I’m sure if you were a baby, you’d also be laughing about your dog munching on bubbles.

2. So… does this baby get her birthday cake to herself or is she going to share?

3. Its nice how kids and dogs can have good conversations.

4. Mother’s voice is just so beautiful… I can’t help but cry.

5. Cuddle buddies forever!

6.  Make way, future man’s best friend trying to hop on the bed.

7. And we thought rottweilers were dangerous…. 

8. Of course, the best way to eat a watermelon is to be in a watermelon.

8. Who is that gorgeous girl I see?

9. Daddy’s so funny! I think i’m going to start laughing at him.

10. This may not be an American way to bathe babies, but it sure is cute and hilarious.