Azealia Banks: TI Claims He Doesn’t Know Who She is Amid Twitter War of Words

TI, the Atlanta-based rapper, has reportedly been embroiled with a social media war-of-words with rapper Azealia Banks.

TI told VIBE that he doesn’t know who she is. “Who the hell is that?” he said. “I know Iggy Azalea—she’s phenomenal.”

He added: “Her superstardom—I saw it years ago and y’all are just now catching up to my opinion, so congratulations to that,” he said of Iggy Azalea. “She has an incredible vision of what she wants her artistry to be.”

Banks has apparently been in spats with Rita Ora, Lily Allen, The Stone Roses, and Iggy Azalea.

She says that she is trying to distance herself from her record label as well.

“Right now, I kind of have my head down,” she told Gigwise. “You know, keep my head down and my mouth shut until everything is worked out and then hopefully release some songs that I’ve been holding onto forever.”

Banks added she’s likely going to switch labels.

“I can’t talk about what I’ve been writing about because I’m just keeping stuff until I’m off this label. I can’t really risk them getting excited about me again. I kind of want them to think that I’m dead. I haven’t been leaking any songs that could potentially be hits,” she said.

“I haven’t been releasing anything that could potentially be phenomenal,” the rapper said. “I haven’t been doing anything good because I don’t want these people to want me. It’s like a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, where you kind of do things to make him go away.”