Flawless: Air Force Honor Guard Spin and Toss Heavy Rifles With Sharp Bayonets on Them

April 6, 2019 Updated: April 6, 2019

There’s nothing easy about throwing and catching an 14-pound M1 Garand with an 11-inch bayonet attached at the top in outstretched hands without hurting yourself. No to mention you have to do it simultaneously with your 10 comrades. Yet the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team makes all the rifle spinnings, tossings, exchanges and maneuvers look incredibly effortless. They don’t see the shaking hands or any nervous jitters. Instead, they see the level of perfection the Air Force is known for.

No one is born gifted with the ability to juggle rifles. It must have taken tons of training for the team to get to that high standard. It’s definitely worth all the pain and effort–just look at their cheering audience! Anyone can tell they’re truly happy and proud to have these disciplined boys in service!

Credit: AiirSource Military | YouTube.com/AiirSource